I’m a designer and maker at heart.  With a background in industrial robotics I got sidetracked into the Digital Media field for a couple of decades, but my making core was never far away.

At the LIFT conference back in 2009, I was first confronted with a 3D printer, and immediately could see how to improve the design.  This led me to discover the idea of a maker space, and then to try to find one to join.

There wasn’t one around here, so I found some collaborators online and we founded the Post Tenebras Lab hackerspace here in Geneva, which has been building the making community around Geneva. PTL is open to the public every single Tuesday evening (OK, except Christmas day if it’s a Tuesday), from 19h00.

Over time, more making spaces have been opened in the region and this has led to the founding of the Leman Make association, which is organising a Festival of Makers in June 2015 for the making community all around Lake Geneva.

All this work has led to my latest project, creating a recognised FabLab here in the Geneva region.

I’m also a member of the Open Source Hardware Association

I'm a member of the OSHWA

OSHWA Member

For a quick taste of making, have a look at this movie, released in september 2014:

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