Local makerspaces !

Gadget Guru is a short weekly radio show on World Radio Switzerland that I do with Tony Johnston.

Here’s the show from April 14th, 2015:

Here’s the usual set of links & videos from the show:

Post Tenebras Lab
calls itself a hackerspace, but according to this diagram is really a makerspace. fablab-makerspace-hackerspace Post Tenebras Lab is very much a community effort, designed for all sorts of technology enthusiasts to get together, share and learn. Come along to Carouge any Tuesday evening to find out if its for you! Don’t forget, PTL is kind of a secret underground lair – we don’t have a volcano yet but we’re working on it. There’s no doorbell – you have to know the secret phone number (on the home page of the website) to ring up and get the door opened.

Pangloss Labs is different. Pangloss Labs is a fablab but designed to inspire business creation. We don’t yet have a physical location but we’re in active discussions in Geneva and the Pays de Gex (for now). We have various events, including the monthly speed-networking where you can get to know the community and explain your project (if you have one) or your dreams.

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