Fly me to the moon

Gadget Guru is a short weekly radio show on World Radio Switzerland that I do with Tony Johnston.

Here’s the show from April 21st, 2015:

Here’s the usual set of links & videos from the show:

The Parrot Rolling Spider Drone is great for indoors and out. I love it because it charges from USB, the same as your phone, and with the wheels (included) it is a lot less likely to be damaged or to damage your home! It’s super stable. I have the blue one – it’s called Max.

You can buy this online or from shops like 1000 Ordi and Prodimex in Geneva.

The ELF Nanocopter is a Virtual Reality nanodrone live on Indiegogo right now.

This one hits all my buttons. It’s 3D printed, it’s open source hardware and software, and it uses Google Cardboard for the virtual reality piloting (you see what the drone sees). And only $69. Works with both iOS and Android.

And I save the best until last.

Who hasn’t wanted to terrorise people with a remote control Pterodactyl?

This one’s on Kickstarter and is nearly funded at the time of the show with 11 days still to go. Just take a look and tell me you can’t imagine this in the mountains around Geneva…

See you next week!

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